The at-home nutrition service is a truly unique program where your dietitian takes a hands-on approach to nutrition counseling. During this 1 1Ž2 hour appointment, an assessment is performed to identify your personal health needs and goals. Then, you will learn about food labeling and how to choose the best products for your needs. Lauren will assist in “making over” your pantry and refrigerator by taking inventory and guiding you through the best choices. Together, you will develop a grocery shopping list and plan going forward! 



The grocery shopping outing is a special program we’ve designed to assist in implementing your nutrition plan. This 1 1Ž2 hour outing includes a thorough tour around the patients’ commonly used grocery store, going through aisles and discovering where healthier food choices are found.


You will practice reading food labels and will be able to quickly identify healthy verses unhealthy options. 

Your budget is always in mind, and Lauren will show you how to maintain a healthy grocery cart while staying within your budget. This service is encouraged after the at-home nutrition service, or after an office consultation so a well-developed foundation is created and your grocery trip is catered to your specific needs. 

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